The Fadel Partners IPM Suite is an end-to-end enterprise rights and royalty management software solution. The IPM Suite simplifies all aspects of intellectual property management. It integrates workflows across multiple departments and ensures consistent single-source data throughout the organization - enabling real-time business intelligence and thorough reporting capabilities.
Intellectual property Management

Fadel Partners IPM Suite has become the cornerstone of rights and royalty management efforts at many of the largest, best-known companies in the media, entertainment, and publishing industries. See a list here.

The full suite is comprised of three modules that integrate seamlessly with your financial accounting and reporting system: Deal Management, Participations Management and Digital Brand Assurance. All are fully scalable and highly configurable. They have a flexible, highly adaptable architecture that provides web-enabled applications that you can securely access from anywhere, any time.

Fadel Partners' Intellectual Property Management suite

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Fadel Partners' Intellectual Property Rights scheme

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The Fadel Partners IPM Suite is a fully modular rights and royalty management solution, giving you a single engine for workflows and a single source of data. It is scalable and configurable, and is an Oracle Titan Award Winner for Industry Solutions, one of the most coveted awards bestowed by Oracle.

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